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About Direct Sales

The idea of this form of sales originates from the confidence that people you know have in you. It is based on the assumption that customers, who are satisfied with something, share their positive experience and refer it to others. Especially in the marketing of capital goods, those products in need of explanation have the best chance of selling, if they can rely on referrals. The goal of according marketing initiatives is to create a positive image through an above-average customer satisfaction, which is supposed to lead to new customers and that way ensure and increase the economic success of a company. Unexpected and useful teasers play a central role in the world of referral marketing, because customer awareness is mainly created directly through personal referrals instead of traditional advertisement. 
The industry of Direct Sales as it is today is an innovative, intelligent, creative and dynamically developing sales channel. 

The resulting benefits are obvious.

For the company…

  • Mobility compared to the static commerce
  • A better rate of return
  • A greater distribution of risk
  • “With an ear to the market/end consumer”
  • Customers become loyal
  • Decentralisation of commerce = No loss in sales through car-free city centers!
For the Distributor…

  • Equal chances for everyone – Without any exceptions
  • Full-time or Part-time business
  • Performance-linked income
  • Flexible time management (a 2nd source of income)
  • Minor financial investment = Potential way into self-employment
  • Social contacts
For the Customer…

  • Well-grounded, extensive advisory service regarding the products and services
  • High-qual ity products
  • Availability seven days a week, no closing times
  • Enjoyable shopping experience without any stress or long distances
  • Social contacts
The Future...

The future prospects for the direct sales business are prosperous since not only in the USA but also in Europe more and more people are forced to look for an additional income in order to improve their living conditions. In this particular situation direct selling is a great alternative because
  • You can work Part-time or Full-time
  • No major investments are required
  • It paves the way to self-employment 
There are absolutely no limits regarding the product range and today it is already hard to find any kind of product which is not also available through direct sales. More and more companies, that are currently still focused on retail stores only, will start surging onto the market of direct sales. Since there are not only dominating wholesale customers (trade chains) in this industry, but hundreds or thousands of distributors who are marketing their products, here you can find attractive margins. It goes without saying that the direct sales industry is as well in using new media more and more as an administrative support to…

  • Speed up ordering processes and handle them more efficiently
  • Provide the customers a tool to order directly – While commission/distributor are being assigned!