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Ultrasound Cosmetic

The expert for ultrasound, Emmi Ultrasonic GmbH, proudly presents Emmi-skin. Professional skin care with Original Ultrasound.

After an anti-aging, ultrasonic treatment with Emmi-skin at home or at a cosmetic studio, the skin in your face will feel more beautiful, firm and healthy. The improvement of your skin structure is already visible after using Emmi-skin together with our exclusively developed Ultrasonic Creams (Collagen, Hyaluron and Silicium), for a short period of time. 

As soft “as a baby’s bottom”: Only the little ones have a very firm yet smooth skin. Your skin changes during the course of your life. Environmental influences like sun, coldness, polluted air and a genetic predisposition are responsible for the aging of the skin. With the process of aging, the reproduction of cells and with that the regeneration of our skin slows down. The results are hardening collagen fibers, visible crinkles in your mimic, and softer contours because of the weakening tissue along with a more tired looking skin. However, there is an effective solution: Original Emmi-skin Ultrasound. 

Ultrasound cleanses your skin down to the pores without any peeling cream. 

Together with sweat and sebaceous gland, dead skin cells on the epidermis let the face appear pale and tired. Even though peeling creams and massaging might remove them from the skin surface, important skin care nutrients will not reach into the lower dermis. Therefore, wrinkles are only reduced on the surface. But how do peelings with fruit acids or other abrasives affect the skin? Sensitive skin in the face will react with redness. So is using paralyzing Botox immediately a solution then? No, let ultrasound do the work! 

Since Emmi’s ultrasound is working 12 mm deep, positive active ingredients are affecting the “root of all evil”. For example: the nasolabial fold: when hyaluronic acids are injected, there are chances of dermatorrhagia and torulus occurring. “That cannot happen with our ultrasound treatment. The collagen crème and lotion are transferred deep into the skin layers and, after a short time, damaged parts of the face like cheeks and contours are tightening again. 

Improving the blood flow supports the skin tightening

For more than two decades, the Emmi Ultrasonic development team around Hugo R Hosefelder has been focusing on the phenomenon of ultrasound. With Emmi-skin, they created an effective improvement of skin cleansing for an enhanced skin breathing and blood flow. The collagen synthesis proceeds sufficiently and the tissue is tightened from the inside. 

The smooth, absolutely harmless oscillations are transmitted up to 12 mm deep into the skin and tissue, as well as into the lower layers, via the bristles of the Emmi-skin. Leaving you with an immediate pleasant feeling, the rich ultrasonic collagen crème is transferred into the skin by the positive effect of the ultrasound. Field tests have shown that wrinkles are already being reduced after using both twice a week. The smooth, tissue loosening, and pleasant micro massage can be adapted without any hesitation to sensitive skin, because the brush is lightly held against the skin without any rotation. More is not needed for the special ultrasound to start having an effect, which feels very nice.