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Emmi-skin - Perfect skin care with Original Ultrasound

Skin blemishes such as blackheads, acne or pimples? That’s all done now.

We are not surprised by the excitement of ladies in particular: “During the past two years, we noticed in our field tests that the skin in the face, the neck, the décolleté and the lower tissue became firmer very fast in conjunction with Emmi-skin Collagencream and our 100% Original Emmi-skin Ultrasound. Also, not only did it show a tremendous peeling effect but also, due to the anti-bacterial impact of the ultrasound, skin blemishes like blackheads and acne are healing very fast. Pale, tired looking skin improves in a short time becoming tighter, looking brighter and healthier. The metabolic process is ideally supported and the complexion is visibly refined.” 

This ultrasound treatment is not only for treatments in cosmetic studios but it is also comfortable to do at home. It’s harmless – 10 minutes twice a week and your skin is well supplied for an obviously younger appearance.  

Muscle tensions and callused skin – Emmi-skin can help!

The anti-bacterial impact of the ultrasound is scientifically proven since the 50ties of the last century. Muscles tension in the neck and shoulders caused by long sitting in the office, at the computer or in the car can be loosened fast just by treating the acupressure points with ultrasound. “It’s unbelievable that even a foot reflexology with Emmi-skin loosenes the whole body,” said one of our excited users. Simply moisten the brush and hold it against the sole of your foot.

Are you annoyed by callused skin on the heel from wearing fancy ballerinas and walking barefoot in summer? Simply apply some Emmi-skin Collagencream and treat it with Emmi-skin Ultrasound – the skin will become smooth again and the condition will improve. Pigmentation on hands, face and neck becomes lighter with Emmi-skin ultrasound treatment.